Still unsure about the potential for forward facing cameras? Watch this hint to the future…


Vital signs Apps — mHealth / Telehealth are the way forward in shifting medical care away from Hospitals into the community

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I commented last week on the backward step that’s been taken by Nokia who have for the first time in 6 years omitted the front facing camera from their latest flagship smartphone. I’ve also commented before on the greater potential I think there is for forward facing cameras than backward facing cameras on the larger tablet devices (eg. to enable FaceLocking security mechanisms, self recording of video clips, etc).

Don’t hesitate to check out the following video of the new $0.99c Vital Signs App from Philips for the iPad 2 that uses the forward facing camera to give an indication of Heart and Breathing Rate. I think it’s a great example of the potential that can be accessed by this small inexpensive hardware addition:

How long before a patient can also share this information when browsing a website or during a video call?

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